Springtime for B-SEC! by brome
April 15th, 2019, 9:06 pm
What's up, homies?

It's April, and a while since I've committed to churning out content for Battle Secretary. I look back, and am still in awe of how far I've come, and how much more there is to go. Truth be told, it's a little scary to know there really is no ceiling to it, but also comforting since I know that's all up to me.

It still wouldn't have been possible at all without you guys, paying Patrons, customers on the Bigcartel store, or otherwise; all of you are fucking awesome.

On top of some of the new stuff on the store coming soon, my hours being cut at my day job means I have more time to work on the comic, and its satellite projects. Thanks to the magic of social media, (the good part of the double-edged sword) I've not only gotten to help contribute to some pretty awesome causes, but also meet guys with awesome skill sets that were able to help me along to improve the core comic content.

GenUTK is a Manila-based 3D modeller who I commissioned to help me on some background work, a point of quality I have always had problems delivering in order to make a schedule. I wish this guy had a portfolio to show, because he's made some sick gun models for ARMA3 to show for it.

I have also had the opportunity to talk about the comic, amongst other things, on the Mead-Fueled Rants stream/podcast! Check it out if you have a couple of hours to kill. It was also a massive honor to have been on their channel amongst the ranks of other rad dudes, like Jim Fuller and Scott Chamberlain.

Hopefully, the good times will keep on coming, but a the end of the day, it really is about just churning the comic out for all you lovely people. Keep on big rig truckin, and long dick fuckin'!